Market-making software

The market-making bot software actively trades your token on a crypto exchange to attract investors, traders, and users.

The bot creates volume, maintains the specified spread and liquidity, fills the order books, and monitors the price. This bot is for cryptocurrency owners and market makers.

To make the trades look real, the bot places buy- and sell- orders in order books, and cancels them, just like if many traders were doing it. It knows how to maintain liquidity and spread according to your settings. To create the volume, the bot trades with itself. It can trade “in spread” so as not to drain your assets, and it can buy and sell from order books—then the trades will look very realistically. You can set a range of the token price that the bot will control.

Active trading will instill confidence in your token and attract the attention of new investors. The bot will help when the exchange requires certain trading volumes, and you will not be afraid of delisting. Your token will look confident in Coingecko and Coinmarketcap, which show spreads, liquidity, and trading volumes.

Perhaps, by reading this text, you have already spent tens of thousands of dollars on market-makers, and are now looking for alternative ways to support trading on exchanges. The program will save your budget and provide full control over the trading.

The bot understands many commands, and is able not only to work in an automatic mode but also to place individual orders and provide information on trading pairs and market-making statistics.

You can install the bot yourself: it is free and open-source. We have written set-up instructions, but if you want specialists to perform the setup, please contact us. We can also modify the bot according to your requests, or add support for a new exchange.

The market-making software treats your assets with care and chooses the optimal trading strategy depending on settings. If you turn off the liquidity maintenance, the bot will trade “in spread” only so as not to spend money on orders of other users. Since the exchange may charge a fee per volume, we recommend that you negotiate a zero-fee account with it, or explore the possibility of reducing fees.

Market-making will not do miracles and will not raise the price of the token “to the Moon”. You will still have to work hard and develop the project to reinforce the trading picture that the program will paint. Remember that this is just a program, and you are responsible for its operation.

The bot accepts commands in the decentralized ADAMANT Messenger to guarantee 100% reliability and protection from hackers.

We want every small project to show active trading on crypto exchanges, attract traders, and fulfill its tasks.

  • Market Making App 2019–2022
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