Premium Services for Market making

The basic Market Making App is free and open-source. If you want premium services, we will develop the bot according to your wishes, and install, configure and support market-making for your.

Development costs depend on your needs.

  • Add more exchanges
  • Set-up, configure and support Market making
  • Build an interface or an app to manage market-making
  • Strong anti-arbitrage system
  • Neat order books with no gaps
  • Live-like automatic chart building within your price range
  • Trading with two account/key pairs
  • Caching order books and balances for better performance and saving exchanges' API limits
  • Notification by email, in Telegram or other messengers
  • Add commands and statistics
If you’re interested, contact us.
  • Market Making App 2019–2022
  • If you like the Market making bot, see Bounty bot also.