Market making app

Free & open-source tool to make trade volume and order books for crypto projects and exchanges

Paint beautiful trades

Attracts investors

Investors trust active trading. It is exactly what the Market making bot does—active trading.

Free and open-source

Companies which do market making will ask thousands of dollars. You will do it for free. Source code is open—make sure your API keys are secure, and adjust trading as you want.

Works day and night

The bot works even when you sleep. If something goes wrong, you'll get a notification.

You are the manager

Change trading parameters right in ADAMANT Messenger chat, available from any device. Your conversation is encrypted, and the bot ignores commands of outsiders.

Makes trade volume

Set trade intervals and amounts, and the bot shows a beautiful picture.

Fills order books

There are three things you can watch forever: fire, water, and how your token is traded. Check it yourself.

Supports liquidity

Set how much crypto use for liquidity. The bot will also use it for buying and selling from the order book—like real users do.

Maintains spread

Both investors and exchanges like small spread. The software takes care of it.

Watches for price

The bot watches the price fits the range. And refuses to buy high and to sell low.

Prevents arbitrage

The price watcher will set the token price on secondary trading pairs at level of primary one.


Reports cryptocurrency rates, market-making statistics, balances and orders on the exchange.

Premium features

Full market-making service: UI to manage the bot, live-like charts and order books, multi-exchange, extended statistics and more.

Install guide

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