The technology behind the default communication with the bot is the blockchain messenger ADAMANT. It ensures verified message delivery; nobody, including bot managers, knows the bot’s server IP and location.

Order a demo


We set up a ten-days market-making bot demo on our server and provide a Quick start guide. You choose modules you want to try.



  • Set up the market-making bot for you
  • Provide servers to host bots
  • Full cycle MM

Custom software


  • Choose your features
  • Support desired exchanges
  • Custom modules by your request

Free market bot


  • Makes trade volume, maintains spread and liquidity/depth, and fills order books
  • Limited exchanges support
  • Requires basic tech knowledge and time to set up

Choose an option

Attract investors and traders

They trust liquidity and active trading. It is exactly what the Market-making bot does—liquidity and active trading.

The cheapest full-cycle mm solution on the market

Pay once — Use forever; that’s the idea. You buy the modules you want and run infinite instances to trade your token on different pairs and exchanges.

No monthly fees.

The main features are free

While we provide paid MM bot modules and services, the main features are open-source and free. You can power your token with trade volume, attractive spread and liquidity/depth, and enable live-like dynamic order books.

A strong and experienced team behind

Both developers and traders use the MM bot in real-life environments and trade for many projects. Every day, they commit their experience to bot improvement.

Self-hosted & self-controlled solution

You install it on your server and keep exchange API keys secret, with no third parties. Pilot the trading chart with commands in the secure ADAMANT Messenger blockchain environment.

Technological & Available on GitHub

Written in JavaScript, it allows you to modify it according to your request and connect to different crypto exchanges.

Market Making App

Open-source and Self-hosted software to maintain token liquidity, trading volume, spread, and order books. A must-have tool for crypto project owners to attract investors and traders.
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