Market-making bot installation and setup

Installation and setup take precious time and require technical knowledge. We do it better than anybody else and charge $700 for each bot instance.

Bot customization

While we offer many awesome features, you can request a custom development. Tell us your desire, and we’ll create specifications and implement it.

Costs vary depending on task complexity. The most common development request is adding exchange support, which costs $2000.

Bot servers and their monitoring

Because of the bot architecture and hardware resource consumption, each market-making bot requires a separate server/VPS. We offer effective machines at $60 per month with a minimum 6-month order.

Additionally, our specialists monitor your bots at $90 per month. This service ensures a server is healthy and bot software is up and running. When a server or a bot is down, we fix it.

Full cycle Market-Making

We discuss a market-making strategy and goals with you, set up the software, run it, and monitor further. It’s $3500 monthly for a single trading pair, and you have a discount on multiple trading pairs.

Note: You provide exchange API keys for trading accounts.

Order a service

A step to your dream market-making